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Who we're helping

There are many ways below how you can help Sullivan’s Heroes to support families who are fundraising towards home adaptations for a disabled child – plus there’s plenty more ideas here.

Funding Zohaib's accessible home and garden

An extension is being built to provide a fully accessible wet room and bedroom. An accessible garden will enable Zohaib to get some fresh air and be amongst his siblings.

Henry’s Safe Space

This is a project to design a safe space through a garage conversion and better garden access for Henry, who is an autistic boy whose life is overpowered by his anxiety.

Stewart's Forever Home

Stewart has Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy. Due to this he lost most of his skills and abilities when he was 2 years old. As Stewart continues to deteriorate we need to adapt our home to give Stewart a bedroom and bathroom downstairs, with facilities for hoisting.

Nora's adapted bungalow

Adapting our family home to make it wheelchair accessible throughout, and creating a bedroom and bathroom with specialist bed and bathing equipment so our 7 year-old daughter can live safely at home.

Aurora's Big Build

Our four-year-old daughter Aurora, who was born with a rare genetic condition called Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. We are adapting our home into a place where Aurora can safely live and remain in our care for the rest of her life.

Keiras BIG build

We are raising funds to adapt our property to meet the needs of our 13 year old daughter Keira.

Building works

My girl is wheelchair bound and has many medical conditions.

An accessible home for David

We need to make significant changes to our family home so that it is inclusive and accessible for David.

Bathroom extension

Dolly is currently carried upstairs to her bedroom & bathroom. We would love to have a lift & upstairs bathroom.

Ahmed's Big Build

Home Adaptations – Wet room, bedroom and living area.

Myk's accessible home project

We are building a ground floor bedroom and bathroom for Myk. Myk would love an accessible kitchen.

teddys big build

Teddy was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We need to extend and adapt our home so Teddy can live comfortably.

George's big build

To have our home adapted to meet George's care needs by having a downstairs bedroom and wet room.

Ella’s house adaptations

We are looking for funding towards house adaptations to help our little girl move around the house safely.

Piper’s Adaptations Project

Help funding adaptations to our home so Piper can have access safely and as independently as possible.

Olive’s accessible house

Olive is a wheelchair user with limited mobility, who always wants to be a part of what's going on!

Eleni’s little big build

A single storey extension to provide Eleni with a downstairs bedroom, bathroom, storage space and a bath.

An Accessible Home for Zep

Adapting out home for our 7 year old Son, Zeppelin, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Ciara's big build

Ciara needs a level access bedroom and wetroom to give her privacy and her own space.

A Haven for Nathan

To create a safe environment for Nathan to live and grow with his family.

Theo's home adaptations

Making the living space more accessible for Theo to join in family activities as he loves being around family and friends.

Tapi's big build

Extension - Tapi's downstairs bedrm, wet-rm, sensory rm, carer's bedrm, front & rear ramp & widening all doors

Funding Ishani's Forever Home

To fund a bedroom, bathroom and therapy room and adapt the house to give access for Ishani to move about safely.

Joey’s Journey

We are building an accessible bedroom and wet room with hoisting and better outside access.

Mylo's new downstairs bedroom

Mylo requires downstairs living and to make his needs possible we require to build an extension for wetroom and bedroom.

Ruby's Big Build

We need support to fundraise for the adaptation of our family home so that Ruby can live safely as she gets older.

Ana-Lily’s Home Adaptations

Ana-Lily's home is in need of major adaptations to meet her daily, basic needs. To make life a little easier!

Sophie’s Independence

Major adaptation project to allow full and safe access to Sophie's family home.

Home adaptations for Jude

We are raising funds to adapt our family home to better accommodate Jude and enable him to receive the care he needs.

Grayson's Inclusive Home

Major housing adaptions to provide Grayson with a downstairs bedroom, wet room and inclusive living space.

Mason’s home adaption aid

To adapt the house for Mason's needs so he has the space to be looked after by both his family and the nursing team.

George's Help for Home Adaptions

Please donate to help George and our family meet the funding goals required for home adaptions to allow George freedom.

Caleb’s Home Adaptations

Creating a bedroom, wet room and wheelchair accessible living space on the ground floor for 9 year old Caleb.


Adapt our living space to create downstairs bedroom for Reuben with accessible shower room and safe accessible garden

Team William

An extension to our family bungalow which will allow us to better accommodate William now and as he grows up.

Extension for Ella

Raising funds to have an extension built which will contain a bedroom and wetroom for Ella

Dylan's Bedroom and Bathroom

We need to top up his DFG to enable him to have a larger bedroom and to extend the family bathroom

Room for Jessica

Adaptations to our house to create a ground floor bedroom for Jessica.

A safe space for Jonah

Top up to the disability facility grant to create a downstairs bathroom and bedroom for Jonah.

Libbys wetroom and bedroom

Libby requires a ground floor bedroom and wetroom to provide her with a safe and accessible home for her future.

Space for Jack

Building an extension and adaptations to improve Jack's future.

Funding for Heem's extension

We are extending the house to provide Heem with an en suite bathroom and house adaptions to gain independence.

A Space 4 Jakey

Building a bedroom + bathroom + access to outside for Jakey because his disabilities mean we can no longer carry him

William’s independence

We are trying to raise funds to provide William with a ground floor bedroom/wet room, also widening door ways.

Build Noah a Bedroom

Raise enough money to build an extension to make Noah's bedroom big enough to install a hoist and wet room

Bedroom for Lewis

Building a bedroom and wet room for our son Lewis who has global development delay.

Libby’s lift

Raising money for a lift and adaptations to enable Libby to be moved around the home safely.

More room for Mim

Adapting our house to create a downstairs bedroom and wetroom for Mim

A home for a princess

To raise £25,000 for an Extension and adapations for Molly to help with her daily care and tasks