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Creating a Downstairs Bedroom and Wetroom for Joe

Joseph Chant
Alton, Hampshire

View Joe's completed adaptations and read the Case Study here.

We are raising funds to enable us to provide our son Joseph with a ground floor bedroom and an adjacent wet room.

Joseph is now 3 and a half years old and is a big brother to 9 month old Samuel. Joseph is a calm, gentle chap who loves to have a cuddle, be read to and have adventures. He enjoys being outside (feeling the breeze on his face), being around animals and being in the water. He attends a specialist nursery for 3 mornings a week, where he is given all the therapies he needs to thrive.

Daily life for Joe and his family is sometimes difficult, with regular hospital stays, endless medical appointments and a continuous medication regime. His disabilities mean that he needs specialist equipment for everything as well as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

With the support of Sullivan’s Heroes, we are raising funds for essential home adaptations so that we can continue to care for Joe at home, safely and with dignity. We will be converting our garage into Joe's bedroom and building a small extension to house his ensuite wet room, with ceiling track hoisting. There will be other changes too: building a level access platform at the top of the driveway (for unloading Joe from the car), a ramp up to the back door, changing the back door to allow for level access, installing a height adjustable shower tray/changing tray in the wetroom, relocating our downstairs WC and much more.

The funds raised will be added to a Hampshire County Council DFG (Disabled Facilities Grant) to complete this adaptation project as the DFG does not cover the full cost of Joe's project. If there is any surplus money, it will be donated to Sullivan's Heroes so that they can support another family like ours.

If you'd like to support us and Sullivan's Heroes, there are lots of ways you can....

- Text your amount (e.g. £5) to 70070 with code JOEC95. If you've not donated by text before, there are full instructions here...

- Make an online donation here

- Set up your own fundraiser or sponsored challenge to help us to raise money for Joe and others like him.

Thank you for supporting Joe's bedroom build and for your support of Sullivan's Heroes.

Joseph is three and a half years old and is a big brother to our other son Samuel who is nine months old. Joseph is a calm, gentle chap who loves being read to, enjoys massage, music and being cuddled... sometimes all at the same time. He really enjoys being outside, feeling the breeze on his face, listening to the wind and birds and going out on adventures. Joe likes being around animals especially if he can stroke them and being in almost any type of water either at a friends house in their hot tub or at a hydrotherapy pool. He attends a specialist nursery for 3 mornings a week in Alton which he loves going to.

Joseph has a range of serious medical conditions including Cerebal Palsy, Global Developmental Delay and Epilepsy. He sustained these from a stroke while he was growing as a baby before he was born. He is registered blind but has some vision and has a feeding tube attached directly to his stomach.

Joe is generally a very happy and content boy. He has special powers to bring a smile out of anyone. He is tolerant and patient and gives as much as you give him. As parents we are very lucky to have such a lovely boy.
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