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Terms and Conditions

  1. Sullivan’s Heroes will pay the fundraising family 100% of the original donation amount excluding Gift Aid, where Gift Aid is applicable, raised through their Sullivan’s Heroes Fundraising Project Page and associated JustGiving donation page. Where Gift Aid is not applicable, the charity will deduct the fees charged by JustGiving from that donation. Sullivan’s Heroes will claim the Gift Aid where applicable and use this towards future funding of grants and operational costs including fees from JustGiving.
  2. Sullivan’s Heroes will pay any financial grant pledged and initial monies raised to date from the Fundraising Project Page on award of a current valid Disabled Facilities Grant towards the works and receipt of completed Disabled Facilities Grant Confirmation Form with supporting documentation from the awarding local authority; and submission by the family of an invoice from the Building Contractor or Supplier who has carried out the works, to the amount of or in excess of funds due. After this time, ongoing monies raised through the Fundraising Project Page will be paid on submission of further invoices, to the same terms as above. Monies will be paid directly to the family’s bank account as detailed in the Application Form, with the exception of the situation detailed in point 3. Funding cannot be provided or paid out retrospectively, or for costs/works previously carried out, or for costs/works already funded by Disabled Facilities Grant funding or elsewhere, or for costs/works already funded by loans or other means.
  3. As part of their due diligence, Sullivan’s Heroes may on occasion make payment to the contractor rather than the family, therefore ALL invoices must show contractor bank payment details, contractor address information and be supplied on contractor’s official letterhead/invoice sheet.
  4. Sullivan’s Heroes will not be held liable for any banking errors.
  5. Should the target of funds required for the project need to increase due to increases in costs and / or specification of the works; or should the target decrease due to decreased costs and/or additional funding being awarded to the project, Sullivan’s Heroes must be supplied with a revised quote and documentation accordingly of these costs and/or funding. Sullivan’s Heroes reserves the right to refuse the target to be increased.
  6. Sullivan’s Heroes reserves the right to request copies of invoices and/or receipts paid towards the adaptations project by the local authority through Disabled Facilities Grant funding, together with evidence of works underway and/or carried out to date, be this in the form of photos, videos, receipts, invoices, site visits or any other methods deemed appropriate.
  7. To enable the maximum number of families to be helped via Sullivan’s Heroes and the Fundraising Project Pages, we request your Fundraising Project to be completed within one calendar year from start date. Should you require to continue fundraising longer than 12 months, you may Contact Us to enquire about extending your Fundraising Project Page. Sullivan’s Heroes cannot guarantee an extension will be possible, but we will endeavour to accommodate this wherever possible.
  8. Sullivan’s Heroes reserves the right to terminate the use of its fundraising services and the associated JustGiving services at any time, at its complete discretion.
  9. Sullivan’s Heroes reserves the right to withdraw the pledge of a financial grant prior to payment at any time; to withhold a grant, donation or funds raised; to suspend or terminate payments of funds raised through a Fundraising Project Page and associated JustGiving donation page; or require repayment if any form of deliberately false or misleading information has been provided to obtain the grant, donation or funds raised, or if fraud or any wrong-doing is suspected.
  10. Sullivan’s Heroes reserves the right to withhold or terminate payments of funds in the event of JustGiving withholding or terminating payments of funds.
  11. Sullivan’s Heroes reserves the right without liability to suspend the operation of the website in full or in part at any time, for example for repair or maintenance work or to update or upgrade the contents or functionality of the website. Sullivan’s Heroes is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of the suspension of these services. In addition, Sullivan’s Heroes accepts no responsibility should JustGiving require to terminate their services, fundraising page or website at any time.
  12. Whilst Sullivan’s Heroes will endeavour at all times to help as many families as possible, the availability of a financial grant is subject to sufficient funds being available and we cannot guarantee that a grant can or will be awarded.
  13. Sullivan’s Heroes are not the commissioners of the building project and adaptation works, and as such will not be held liable for any costs, actions or claims arising from their installation.
  14. Sullivan’s Heroes may hold the information contained in or with their Application Form, the Disabled Facilities Grant Confirmation Form and other supporting documentation, and may share this information with other organisations, solely for the purposes of seeking funding towards the application and/or to check the information provided by the applicant.
  15. Sullivan’s Heroes may use photographs, videos and details of your child, the adaptations and the building works for ongoing fundraising and publicity purposes. This is crucial in helping Sullivan’s Heroes to support your family and to continue the charity’s fundraising work ongoing, to enable funding Grants for other children.  

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