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Noah's new bedroom, bathroom and accessible garden

Noah Akhlak

View the completed project for ‘Noah’s new bedroom, bathroom and accessible garden’ here.

We are hoping to raise the required funds for our home to be adapted so that our son can have a downstairs bedroom and wetroom. We are also hoping to convert our current garden into a more disabled friendly space including having level access from kitchen onto garden patio.

So far we have managed to raise £10,000 from two justgiving projects and our third and final one we hope to raise another £10,000 with the support of Sullivan's Heroes.

10 years ago myself and my partner were looking forward to the birth of our first child and had just purchased our first house in preparation for family life. Sadly, Noah suffered severe brain damage during pregnancy which has resulted in his very limited mobility and visual impairment.

As Noah got older and bigger we realised that it would get more and more difficult to move him around the house and especially take him upstairs to sleep or to have a bath. We knew we needed an extension to the back of our house so Noah can sleep and wash downstairs so found a local builder to do the job. However he was a rogue trader and took our life savings without completing the job he had promised to do.

With no money left and an incomplete extension we didn't know what to do and couldn't ask our families as they did not have the funds. When we had nearly lost all hope, we were delighted to find out that Noah was entitled to a grant for home adaptation through the government and so got in touch with the the local council straight away. Hope turned to despair as they said our house wasn't suitable for adaptation as it was a mid terraced property and we would need to move to a bigger house and fund it ourselves.

We have now moved to a property which they have said is suitable for adaptation for downstairs bedroom and bathroom. However the cost of the work will exceed the £30,000 Noah is entitled to and we have been told to find the extra money. Also our garden isn't suitable for a wheelchair user in its current state so we are hoping to make it accessible for Noah.

At the age of 10 years old it is getting very difficult carrying Noah upstairs to bed and washing him in a small bathroom. Also it would be lovely for Noah to enjoy the garden with his family rather than sitting in the kitchen watching his sister play outside.

We would be grateful if people could donate what they can to enable us to finally get a downstairs bedroom/bathroom for Noah that would meet his needs as well as an accessible garden for him to enjoy being outside.

Your help will make a life changing difference for Noah as well as our family.

Many thanks for your support.
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