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Theo's home adaptations


We are hoping to complete the project as quickly as possible, but with current situations and climate, we are unsure on an estimated time of completion, but are looking forward to the completion and enjoying quality time together in a safe accessible space for him.

Theo is a happy 2 year old with Ohtahara Syndrome and brittle bones. His condition causes uncontrollable epilepsy.
Theo loves being around family and friends and we are hoping to raise the funds to make the living space accessible for him to be able to do this safely, as he has already had 9 fractures to his femur and tibia.

Thank you for helping a worthy cause. ?
  • The front will be extended to the same as the neighbours, creating more room for Theo to access the space and make access to the property easier for him as its currently extremely difficult to get his chair out.

As Theo is only 2 his chairs are only going to get bigger making access even more difficult.

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