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Fletcher’s new bedroom & bathroom

Fletcher Thompson

View the completed project for 'Fletcher’s new bedroom & bathroom' here.

Fletcher is not mobile and is fully dependant on his parents for all activities of daily living. It is becoming increasingly harder to safely carry Fletcher up & down the stairs and lift him in & out the bath.

We will be receiving the maximum amount from the DFG but still need to find an extra £20,000 on top of that to do all the necessary work. We have known for a while that an extension to suit Fletcher's needs would be necessary and have managed to save some money in preparation for this but haven't managed the full amount & realistically won't be able to for many years.

A downstairs bedroom and bathroom will make handling Fletcher on a daily basis a lot easier and the hoist will mean no more physical lifting, saving our backs in the process. The home adaptions will also widen door ways and create an access into the house meaning Fletcher can be wheeled in in his chair rather than carried from the car like he is currently.

My son Fletcher has recently turned 4 years old and is diagnosed with a genetic condition 15q11. 2 micro deletion.
Fletcher started at a specialist school in September 2019 full time and has settled in so well. He is a happy little boy who loves interaction with people.
When he's not at school, he enjoys home life with his little brother and the family dogs. Fletcher absolutely loves watching anything and everything. He has an incredible relationship with his younger brother who is so supportive and helps him out on a daily basis.
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View the completed project for 'Fletcher’s new bedroom & bathroom' here.

Our project is almost complete. The main extension is built and now we are in the process of creating the bathroom and installing the hoist.
Then we are left to decorate throughout the downstairs to all the rooms affected from the building work once the electrics and plumbing has been finished.
Fletchers bathroom is now being builtExtension structure is complete

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Amie Thompson
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