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Wills accessible bedroom and wet room

William Rios

Wills is our gorgeous 10 year old son who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. There is no cure and limited life expectancy.

Wills lives at home with mum and dad and his 2 brothers Harrison and Jenson. Anyone that knows Wills will tell you he always has the biggest smile on his face even on tough days. He has the biggest heart and always worries about others.

We are going to create downstairs living for Wills by converting our existing garage. We are going to take out our downstairs toilet and knock through to the garage and extend to create enough space to have his bedroom and wet room. We also need to have a ceiling hoist to be able to get Wills in and out of bed and shower. Currently we have to carry him up and down the stairs and lift him in and out the bath which is not dignified at all.

We are very fortunate that we have been awarded a DFG grant through our local authority of £30,000 and a top up of £15,000 but unfortunately still need another £30,000 to start the work.

Our hope is that once we have done this we can concentrate on making memories with Wills instead of the constant worry of how we’re going to get this work done. We want Wills to feel comfortable and give him a little more independence. We don’t know what the future holds but we are going to make every day count and make Wills as happy as we can. He’s our absolute world along with his brothers. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sullivan's Heroes is a charity offering support and financial assistance for families raising essential funds for vital home adaptations for a disabled child, to continue to care for their child at home, safely and with dignity.

Thank you x

Wills is 10 years old, who is a happy boy and loves to play with his 2 brothers. 5 years ago he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease that has no cure. He has lost his ability to walk and now we need to build him a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. This will give him more independence at home as he will be able to use his wheelchair instead of being carried up and down the stairs that we currently do.
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