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Myk's accessible home project

West Yorkshire

We would love to make our home more accessible for our son, Myk.

We would like to:

  • Create a a wheelchair accessible entrance to our home

  • Build a downstairs bedroom for Myk

  • Build a downstairs bathroom for Myk (including a specialist bath)

  • Make the kitchen wheelchair accessible for Myk (including a wheelchair accessible worktop)

  • Install ceiling track hoists to help Myk to access different parts of our home and to ensure he is comfortable and safe during transfers

  • To make the lounge wider, by knocking through an internal wall, to allow floor space for Myk to have physiotherapy and for him to continue to shuffle around and explore

We are so grateful for any help!

Myk is a 7 year old, bubbly and sociable boy, with an awesome sense of humour!

Myk was born prematurely at 31 weeks and 2 days. He needed help to breathe whilst in the neo natal unit. Myk came home after 6 weeks in hospital.

Myk had some brain scans whilst at the hospital. These showed that Myk had been deprived of oxygen shortly before birth and as a result had sustained a brain injury (Periventricular Leukomalacia). Due to this, Myk was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (a neurological condition that affects muscles and physical coordination) at the age of one. He was also diagnosed with a visual impairment (Myk is partially sighted) and he has swallowing difficulties - also linked to the brain injury.

But Myk is a fighter! He has continued to surprise us! He is determined and has made progress despite his original diagnosis.

Myk has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and he is a fulltime wheelchair user. He is unable to sit independently, stand or walk and Myk needs help with all transfers to and from chairs and equipment. Myk uses his wheelchair to access all his favourite places, like art galleries and dessert parlours!

Myk loves watching TV, having bubble baths, making mousse, playing the keyboard, showing off his artistic flair and telling jokes. He has done incredibly well and doesn't let anything hold him back. Myk loves watching Topsy and Tim and controlling the TV via his echo dot. He enjoys being in control and he loves to be independent and he loves to explore by shuffling around on the floor.

Unfortunately, due to our home layout, Myk is unable to access many parts of his home, which makes it difficult for him to develop his interests and learning. Myk would love to be able to have regular baths, to relax his muscles and to help with pain relief. He would love to be able to access the (currently inaccessible) kitchen, to bake and cook.

Myk is due to have hip reconstruction surgery later this year and we would love for him to have a comfortable accessible bedroom, so that he can be as comfortable as possible during the recovery period.
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