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Help Rhys find home independence

Rhys Griffiths
North wales
Our  10 year old son Rhys was born with cerebral palsy. This was due to brain damage although it is unknown if this was acquired  before, during or after birth . Rhys’s condition is known as spastic quadraplegia as all four limbs are affected, Rhys also has Focal epilepsy in which he is at risk of night time seizures requiring rescue medication and hospital admissions.

There is no known cure for cerebral palsy but there is hope.

Our aim is to raise funds for Rhys to enable him independent living at home – this will include an extension to house, a lift to enable Rhys and a carer to access his room without being carried up and down the stairs, also to provide a wet room in his current bedroom to enable him to become more independent with attending to his personal needs. The house has recently become more overstrained by the birth of Rhys' little brother in August which brings the current occupancy to five people which give Rhys little room and time he needs in the current one small bathroom. Please help us improve Rhys' independence.
Rhys is currently unable to walk unaided, and needs help with all physical activities that most take for granted, including transition from one position to another, getting dressed, brushing his teeth and sitting on a chair. Rhys needs constant physical assistance and has to wear splints in his shoes to keep his feet flat. He has a standing frame, a special chair, a special walker, and a sleep system. All these items are necessary to ensure Rhys can maintain movement in his limbs.

Rhys attends a special needs school, he also attends a specialised group called Stick N Step which provide conductive education. Rhys wishes that some day he could do all the things his big sister or friends do, like run and jump, and playing hide and seek. Rhys would love to be able to kick a football one day.

Whatever the future may hold we know Rhys is going to need ongoing therapy and equipment to help manage the pain and develop him to the best of his ability. We have been told that as Rhys grows, the effect of cp will most likely intensify with the onset of more restricted movement.
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