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George's big build

We are hoping to raise the funds to adapt our home so George can be cared for safely at home as we currently lift him in and out the bath, have to carry him from room to room as his wheel chair doesn't fit through our doors and we have to carry him up stairs.

We are hoping to have a downstairs wet room and bedroom for George, all doors widening so he has full access in his wheel chair and ceiling hoists. If we can have these adaptions done it will mean George can continue to join in all aspects of family life and to be cared for safely.
George is 8 years old, he is a twin. George has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, global development delay, bilateral hip dislocation, epilepsy, dystonia, short bowel disease. George has already had 112 surgeries, he's had a cardiac arrest and two strokes but despite everything he always has an amazing smile.

George truly enriches everyone's life. We're hoping by having the adaptions done we can continue to care for George safely at home and enable him to continue to join in all aspects of family life.
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