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The Funding needed for ground floor home adaptations to meet our sons physical needs. Our son requires a wheelchair for his mobility needs, as well as relying on us for some aspects of his activities of daily living (e.g. dressing, bathing, and so on).

We want to adapt our home so that it is free from barriers to his independence as well as being a safe environment to fully participate in all aspects of his family life with his Mother, Father and younger sister. This will be achieved by adapting the home to fully incorporate him within the family environment by providing a bedroom, accessible bathroom and providing an additional living room for him to use with his friends as he gets older.

The occupational therapist fully supports the adaptations as he will be able to participate in all family activities without being excluded due to his physical needs, which will enhance his quality of life. The Project has estimated to last around 3 months.

Our son is 11 years old, he was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma at 14 months which is a rare cancer, due to this he lost his ability to walk. The tumor compressed his nerves that allow lower limb movement. Besides all odds after having spinal surgery he responded extremely well to chemotherapy and has been in remission now for over 10 years.

Considering all he has been through, he loves life and school! He is extremely sociable and has a confident personality. He gets stuck in with any task given and tries his utmost best to achieve his greatest. He is deputy head boy in school and fulfils this role to his best! What he loves most is football, and is a big Liverpool fan. His dream of being a goal keeper may never be fulfilled but doesn't stop him from cheering on Alisson.

The house adaptation will give him the independence he needs. His get up and go attitude is restricted currently as our house doesn't give him accessibility. He wants to freely have freedom to whiz around on his wheelchair at his leisure without having to bump into doors and walls. Due to the current home layout and structure, it makes it difficult for him to develop his interests and learning. Meeting his physical needs will have a positive impact on his life, it will encourage him to take control and thrive.
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