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Grayson's Inclusive Home

We are raising £25,000 in aid of major housing adaptions for Grayson. This will enable us to provide him with a downstairs bedroom, wetroom and adaptions throughout the downstairs, to enable Grayson to be able to live life included and with Dignity.

Currently Grayson sleeps in the living room as it has become impossible to carry him safely up the stairs, which also means he is unable to access our bathroom upstairs too. Our doorways are not wide enough to fit a wheelchair into the rooms of the house and the back door is not wide enough or accessible enough for Grayson to go outside in the garden in his specialist seating. When Grayson needs changing he has to be lifted onto and off the floor or in his bed which is neither dignified or hygienic. Grayson is now desperate for adaptions to be made to our home, so he can have his basic human needs met and so he can be included in every day life as a family and with his siblings.

Grayson needs a downstairs bedroom and wet room with proper changing facilities so he has his own space and privacy and he can have his dignity restored. He needs hoisting systems in both rooms, so he can be safely lifted. He requires the doorways to be widened and an access ramp to the front door so he can get in and around the house with ease and level access to the rear so he can go outside too. He needs an open plan living space so he can access all aspects of family life and be included like any other child. Without these vital adaptions Grayson's quality of life is vastly reduced but it all comes at an expense, which unfortunately isn't fully covered by a disability funding grant and our savings so we desperately need help and fast.
Grayson is a 6 year old boy who with an incredibly rare large gene deletion which involves 4 genes. Due to this Grayson has multiple complex disabilities.

Grayson is blind, he has profound learning disabilities and is non verbal. He has very poor muscle tone, he is unable to sit unaided, stand or walk which means he is fully reliant on a wheelchair, specialist equipment and daily physiotherapy. He has a hormone deficiency which means he requires daily injections to regulate his growth hormone. Due to growth hormone we have seen Grayson have rapid growth spurts and he is now to big to safely lift and carry. 
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