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Teddy was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2018, when he was 5. Teddy is now 9 years old. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a life limiting muscle wasting disease. Teddy has always had trouble getting up from the floor and jumping, he can get cramp in his calf muscles, this is a symptom of his condition. He also has regular bone infusions at Great Ormond Street hospital to help his bone strength. This is a side effect of the daily steroids he takes and his progression of his condition. They say Teddy will be in a wheelchair full time by the age of 12. Teddy has a powerchair but this has to be left at his school as our home has not been adapted yet.

Teddy is the youngest of 5 boys so our 3 bed house is always full. We desperately need to find funds to extend and adapt our property, giving him the space and independence he needs. The extension is to contain a bedroom and wet room on the ground floor so Teddy and his family do not have the strain of getting him up the stairs to go to the bathroom and to bed. Teddy will also have the whole of the downstairs to be independent and not rely on others, for a while.

Teddy is always smiling and we are going to do our best in keeping it that way. 😊

Teddy has duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is a life limiting muscle wasting disease. He is 9 years old and always smiling 😊. He loves life and tries to do everything that he can.

He now has a power chair to conserve his energy for school work and playing with his friends. This has to be kept at school for the moment as we don’t have our home adapted yet!!

This is why we are fundraising to help towards adaptions of our home so teddy can live comfortably and be able to use his power chair😊.
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Teddys big build
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