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Sullivan’s Heroes Fundraising Project Guide

West Sussex

Add information here regarding the adaptations project you are fundraising for.

Describe why the project is necessary for your child. Explain why you need to raise the funds; and why they can't be found elsewhere.

Tell people what the adaptations will mean to your child and your family as a whole – how will your child benefit and what difference will it make to all your lives?

Describe the challenges your child and your family currently face, and explain how this project will help to overcome these.

Tell everyone about your child here – what he or she likes (or dislikes!).

Let people know about your child's personality, their endearing qualities; as well as favourite pastimes and activities. This gives people an insight into just how special your child is.

Feel free to add some details about your child's condition; how it affects them, and you all as a family, on a daily basis.

You might like to add how the changes you are fundraising for will make your child feel – how will it benefit their life and make their home life easier for them.

Want to add more details here?

Give further information for potential donors and fundraisers, in an easy to read question and answer format.

How much do we need to raise?

You can add details here regarding the funds required, and explain the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded.

How will these adaptations change our lives?

Tell people how much this will mean to your child and the family overall.

How long will the project take?

Explain how long the adaptations project will take and your time frame for raising the funds.

Look how much we've raised already!

Add information here to tell people about the money raised to date, and how much still is needed. Thank everyone for their continued support. Perhaps add some specific thank-yous to particular people, clubs and companies that might have helped you out.

Join us for our forthcoming event

Let people know about any fundraising events that are taking place to raise money towards your target.

Add a link to the event's fundraising page. Sponsor our Team here!

The project so far ...

Give an update on how the building works are going if they're already in progress. It's encouraging for people to know how the donations are being used. You can include an image too if you like.


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