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Bathroom extension

Dolly Hope

Dolly's bedroom is currently on the 1st floor and so is the family bathroom making it very difficult carrying her up and downstairs for bed/baths and nappy changes. Meaning she doesn't regularly have access to her bedroom as it's the constant carrying upstairs and she has a powerchair which is allocated downstairs so she cannot get around upstairs leaving her with no independence.

We wish to have a lift in our home so Dolly can access upstairs in her powerchair and a bathroom for her as our current bathroom is too small to manoeuvre her making bath time so difficult.

Myself and Dolly are sincerely grateful for any support as this would make a huge difference in the quality of Dolly's life and our life as a family 💗xxx

Dolly is 10 years old and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy effecting all her limbs. She cannot walk or sit unaided and has very limited hand movement, making life very difficult and frustrating for her.

Her cerebral palsy doesn't stop her from being the most caring little girl I've ever met and she worries about everyone around her and never moans about how life is so hard and difficult for her.
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