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Gracie's journey to independence

Gracie McDonald
Northern Ireland
Gracie started walking in December 2018 and ever since she has got on her feet, she won't stay still. She is extremely outgoing and loves the outdoors. Part of Gracie's condition is dyspraxia, although she can walk short distances unaided she will never be able to walk independently up and down stairs. We are just about to start a downstairs extension to add a bedroom, bathroom and an enclosed garden for Gracie so she can roam free and have access to the outside world without feeling restricted. Unfortunately the cost of the grant does not cover the cost of the build. We are extremely grateful to Sullivan's heroes for helping us take on this challenge. It will change our lives.
Gracie is a bubbly, happy 4 year old who has a rare neurological disorder called Angelman syndrome. This causes severe developmental delay and affects every aspect of Gracie's life. She will never speak and has very little communication skills but that aside she is the happiest little girl and brightens everyone's day.
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