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Numair's bedroom and wetroom

Mohammed Numair Vohra

Numair is a six year old boy who has has a chromosome deletion on the 4q 21.1-21.3. He has global development delay, non verbal, hyper mobility, he has a gastrostomy, global development delay. Can only roll side to side but is unable to walk, can sit up but aided, and has amounts of other medical needs. But with all of this he is a very happy boy who loves all the attention he gets. He is very happy when he is around younger children and he loves his siblings.  Numair is attracted to lights and music.  The extension will help us in many ways. It will be easier for us as the older he gets the more difficult it is getting to pick him up and take him upstairs. And it will be good for him so he will have his own room to play and explore as currently the only place he can play is the front room.

The extension is partially funded by the council, we had intended to fund the rest without any fundraising but it looks impossible as we are struggling to keep up with the financial side of things. And we have to do a few things which were not planned at the beginning. So that is also the reason why I have set up this fund raiser.

My son Numair is 6 years old and has a chromosome deletion on the 4q 21.1-21.3 deletion. It effects him with his mobility, he has global development delay, epilepsy, non verbal, autism, gastrostomy, hyper mobility amongst other medical conditions.
Numair is a happy boy who enjoys being in the company of his siblings and other children. He is a fun and loving boy who loves lights and music. He goes to a special needs school which he enjoys very much. He is loved by the people around him. He finds it hard to adjust in new surroundings.
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