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Autumnal Adaptations Advance!

As Autumn rolls in, so too do new applicants to Sullivan’s Heroes for support with their home adaptation projects.

One of these most recent children is 8-year-old George, who’s family are busy raising funds towards the £39,000 required above the Disabled Facilities Grant and top-up funding awarded for ‘George’s big build’.

The building works will extend and restructure the existing family home to provide George with a downstairs wet room and bedroom with tracking and ceiling hoists; widening all internal doorways throughout his home for full wheelchair access, along with ramped access to the front and back of house.

George’s parents explain:

“George is 8 years old, he is a twin. George has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, global development delay, bilateral hip dislocation, epilepsy, dystonia, short bowel disease. We currently lift him in and out the bath, have to carry him from room to room as his wheelchair doesn't fit through our doors and we have to carry him upstairs.”

“George has already had 112 surgeries, he’s had a cardiac arrest and two strokes but despite everything he always has an amazing smile. George truly enriches everyone’s life. We’re hoping by having the adaptions done we can continue to care for George safely at home and enable him to continue to join in all aspects of family life.”

We’re delighted to also bring news of another young man called George – who’s enjoying the latest completed adaptations project from Sullivan’s Heroes.

Not only did September herald an 11th birthday for George – but also the unveiling of his newly adapted spaces, so George could celebrate in style by accessing and navigating his home independently, in his new powered wheelchair, for the first time ever!

George’s Dad tells us:

“George now has freedom of access into the house via a ramp and a widened level access door, also he now has access into the back garden from his bedroom. He can navigate the whole house via his powered wheelchair.”

“The differences have been absolutely outstanding for George. He finally has his own space with all the things he loves in one place, with direct access to the garden. Being able to use his new wetroom facilities have lifted a great toll on both of us, with proper equipment to suit his ongoing needs.”

Other families we’re supporting through their fundraising journeys have also been busy over the summer months. 

Works for ‘Mylo’s new downstairs bedroom’ are now well underway, with 3-year-old Mylo himself offering a helping hand!

The family’s busy fundraising schedule means they have now raised 80% of the £40,000 target required above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded for the adaptations project, to provide a downstairs bedroom and wet room extension for safe living space for Mylo. Help recently came to the project in the form of employee fundraising and Matched Funding from Bank of Scotland Foundation.

Ruby’s Big Build’ has also progressed well, now that the additional £35,000 needed above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded has been raised – with a sparkling new bedroom and wetroom recently completed for 7-year-old Ruby, as this video shows

Further internal elements and garden access will be added shortly and we look forward to bringing further news of the completed project soon!

It’s great to also see the new space taking shape as a result of ‘Mason’s Fundraiser’. Mason’s family has been busy raising the remaining £7,000 target now required above the Disabled Facilities Grant for Mason’s adaptations project, to extend the existing family home to provide 6-year-old Mason with a downstairs accessible bedroom and wetroom; provide ramped access to the house and garden, plus increased living space and access throughout the house for Mason. 

Mason’s Mum explains:

“We’re adapting our family home with a wet room and bedroom to give Mason the best life he can possibly have by making it safer and less stressful for him by staying on the ground floor. I cannot get Mason up and down the stairs or out of our bath/bathroom in a safe manner, as the older he gets the bigger he gets. Due to Mason's disabilities he is a dead weight when being carried and it is now becoming extremely difficult to manoeuvre him around the house. By having these adaptations for Mason will make our whole family’s life a lot easier.”

Other projects already underway have seen their funds boosted recently with ‘Keira’s BIG Build’ receiving donated items from Shadow Blinds; likewise ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ gained supplies from MKM Building Supplies (Bolton).

Meanwhile, ‘Iman’s home adaptation’ received generous funding from Promise Dreams; whilst Eleni, whose mother previously worked in the licensed trade industry, has been boosted to her target £20,000 required for ‘Eleni’s little big build’ with support from the Licensed Trade Charity. We look forward to bringing further news of these two projects once they get underway.

Please do get in touch if you have any fundraising events, activities and ideas you’d like to share with us; or if you would like to apply for a grant or to fundraise through Sullivan’s Heroes.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated.