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‘George’s Help for Home Adaptions’ concludes!

Not only has September heralded an 11th birthday for George – but also the unveiling of his newly adapted spaces, created to meet his needs. This meant George could celebrate in style by accessing and navigating his home independently, in his new powered wheelchair, for the first time ever!

George’s Dad gives us some background to the necessity for 'George’s Help for Home Adaptions' project:

“George is a happy 10-year-old with a wonderful smile. George's favourite colour is pink and he loves dressing up and his toy collection, he also enjoys woodland walks with the family and swimming. He is also a little gamer and loves small games on every platform.”

“George has a diagnosis of Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T). A-T is a very rare, genetic, neurodegenerative disease. It is a multi-system disease that causes severe disability in young children. George has also undergone over 4 years of cancer treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, resulting thankfully in remission. George makes use of a powered wheelchair among other facilities needed for his care.”

“Before our home adaption project, George had to be lifted up to, and down from his room; lifted in and out of the bath and to use the toilet. It took a great toll on both of us as George grew bigger. George had no access to the house via his wheelchair, due to narrow doors with no level access.”

The project for George saw his home being extended to include a downstairs bedroom, wetroom and reworked plan to include a new kitchen from the existing, to allow for better access for George throughout. The costs of the project required £12,000 to be raised over and above the Disabled Facilities Grant and top-up funding awarded for the project. 

The plans also included widening existing doorways, creating a front wheelchair accessible ramp; and a new wetroom to house a Gerberit Toilet, electric raising wash hand basin and a powered shower.

Now that these changes have been completed, George’s Dad tells us of the differences it has brought to George:

“George now has freedom of access into the house via a ramp and a widened level access door, also he now has access into the back garden from his bedroom. He can navigate the whole house via his powered wheelchair.”

“The differences from the housing adaption have been absolutely outstanding for George and family. George finally has his own space with all the things he loves in one place, with direct access to the garden. Being able to use his new wetroom facilities have lifted a great toll on both of us, with proper equipment to suit his ongoing needs.”

George’s Dad also enlightens us on how Sullivan’s Heroes helped throughout the fundraising process: 

“George's life has been significantly improved through the work of Sullivan's Heroes, in supporting us as a family achieve one of the hardest tasks we have faced, to provide an adequate living space and facilities for George's needs as he grows.”

“With Sullivan's Heroes' support, I was successfully able to raise funds, above board with full proof of where the funds were being spent. Sullivan's Heroes also worked hard to secure further funding, which without them we would have never achieved our target.

“Sullivan's Heroes offered us the perfect way to raise funds through their registered JustGiving page and via their website, showing anyone who donated that the funds would be used for their intended purpose.

“Sullivan's Heroes gave us a great foundation to start raising funds, with understanding and real human support behind the process. Through Sullivan's Heroes' hard work and dedication they were able to secure a total of £3,350 in extra funding which made the whole project possible.”

We’re delighted at Sullivan’s Heroes that the project has been such a success for George, and has already brought about so many life-changing differences for him, which will continue as he grows. 

We sign-off with these heartfelt and much appreciated words from George’s Dad on the project as a whole:

“Since the start of the adaptions project our home went from two bedrooms with one upstairs bathroom, both accessible only by carrying George, to a three bedroom with wetroom facilities, with garden access directly from George’s new downstairs bedroom. The adaptions, due to the layout of our home, also required a kitchen reconfiguration with a new dining area (something we never had before). We had a ramp installed up to a new widened level access front door, making the whole bottom floor accessible for George and his powered wheelchair.”

“Since the adaption a new shed area has also been created, allowing internal and external access for George’s equipment.”

“All of this has come at a considerable cost, and with help from Teinbridge District Council offering a £30,000 DFG, with £20,000 top up funding along with our fundraising efforts supported by Sullivan's Heroes totalling just over £5,000. These funds, along with the skill and dedication from Fiona, personally secured an extra £3,350 in supportive funds to help us reach our build target.”

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Sullivan's Heroes who provide families like ours much needed support. George's life has improved greatly and will continue to do so being able to enjoy his own space and freedom with the facilities giving him the dignity and privacy he deserves. Thank you.”

View the fundraising page for ‘George’s Help for Home Adaptions’ here.