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End of the year and projects alike

As this year moves towards reaching its end, so too does not just one, but a further two projects – now successfully completed through Sullivan’s Heroes.

The first of these completed works for ‘Dominic’s New Bedroom and Bathroom’ involved restructuring and extending 16-year-old Dominic’s bungalow home to provide suitable space for his requirements – with £30,000 above the Disabled Facilities Grant and top-up funding awarded required to be raised to do so.

Dominic’s parents explain:

“Before we had the adaptations, we had to hoist Dom across the hallway to the bathroom, and then hoist him back again, wet and cold, to his bedroom. Not only was he shivering by the time he got to his bed, he deserved more dignity and privacy. It was the only bathroom we had and was often in demand with other members of the family having health issues.”

Now that works have been finalised, Dominic’s parents tell us:

“It’s changed everything! Dom has a huge bedroom and his own private bathroom which are connected through double swing doors, and an H-frame ceiling track hoist system. We now have two bathrooms which has been such a huge deal for us. There is so much more space in Dom’s room, he has everything he needs and it’s beautiful!”

Meanwhile ‘Ruby’s Big Build’ has created a fantastic new space for 8-year-old Ruby – extending the family home and converting the garage to create a downstairs bedroom and wet room for Ruby, plus making the garden accessible to her – requiring an initial target of £35,000 to be raised above the Disabled Facilities Grant and discretionary funding awarded by the local authority.

Ruby’s parents advise:

“Before having the house adaptations, Ruby needed to be carried up two flights of stairs to access her bedroom which was becoming very unsafe as she became older and heavier. Our bathroom was also on the same floor and didn't have the right equipment in it, so again was very unsafe for her to use and she was at risk of injury. It felt very undignified for her and she was often frustrated that she couldn't access these areas independently.”

Having raised over and above the initial £35,000 target required, to cover additional costs encountered along the way and successfully complete the project, Ruby’s parents elaborate:

“We now have an extended ground floor space which includes a fully accessible bedroom, wet room and utility space. We have purpose-built storage areas for all of Ruby's equipment and daily medical consumables, which means that they can be accessed quickly when needed. The outdoor area is now fully accessible for Ruby to use, meaning that she can spend time in the garden with her family. Ruby is now so much happier – being able to access her bedroom and bathroom easily has reduced a lot of her frustration and has given her a much greater sense of independence.”

Elsewhere, families have been working hard towards their projects’ fundraising targets.  ‘Myk’s accessible home project’ received support from both Handicapped Children’s Action Group and Independence at Home towards their £30,000 required to meet the full costs of the works to create a ground floor bedroom and bathroom including a specialist bath for Myk, together with wheelchair access into and around the ground floor of his home.

Whilst ‘Ahmed’s Big Build’ to create a ground floor bedroom, wheelchair accessible bathroom and provide additional living space to meet 12-year-old Ahmed’s needs as he gets older received a boost from the Duchy of Lancaster Merseyside, with generous funding towards various elements of the extensive building works.

Meanwhile, ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ featured in Bolton News – chronicling the family’s adapting of their home for Thomas and the differences that the changes have made, now that the works are completed.

“We just stopped going out because it was so difficult to leave the house. It’s changed our lives at home and allowed us to get out and about much more easily without that dread.”

Last but not least, as Christmas draws near, you could play a part to help give Sullivan’s Heroes a festive treat!

Movement for Good 2023 will be giving 120 charities £1,000 each over 12 Days this festive season. Simply click ‘Nominate a charity for £1,000’ here on their website and enter our details – either search for Sullivan’s Heroes or by our charity number 1163021.

The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of winning, so please spread the word – many thanks!

Please do get in touch if you have any fundraising events, activities and ideas you’d like to share with us; or if you would like to apply for a grant or to fundraise through Sullivan’s Heroes.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated.