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‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ features in Bolton News

We are very excited to see the project for ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ being featured in Bolton News recently, chronicling Thomas and his family’s adapting of their home, and the move back to their newly adapted house.

Thomas’ family have raised the funds towards the £95,000 required above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded – creating a basement extension including hoists in Thomas’ bedroom and a wet room and stair lift to aid his mobility – allowing to continue to care for 10-year-old Thomas as he gets bigger and heavier, and enabling more independence as he gets older.

Now that the finishing touches have been made to the driveway, the final part of the project, the family, especially Thomas, can enjoy a better quality of life together.

Thomas’s Dad Ian tells us: “We just stopped going out because it was so difficult to leave the house. It’s made us more relaxed going out as a family and more adventurous.”

Thomas’ mum Jo said that Tom is now able to have his friends come round, including other wheelchair users. Jo continues, telling us the adaptations have changed their lives as a family, especially in the mornings and evenings when it was difficult to get Thomas upstairs to bed or downstairs in the morning, and getting him ready for his bus to take him to school.

“It just used to feel like our lives were constantly full of stress, and even just taking that away from us, and the need to encourage him to go downstairs or upstairs carrying him, to get him in his wheelchair with dignity, is much less stressful.”

"It’s changed our lives at home and allowed us to get out and about much more easily without that dread.”

Thomas' Mum ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’