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Centennial celebrations with our 100th applicant!

Yes, that’s correct … last week saw the arrival of our 100th child being supported by Sullivan’s Heroes. That’s 100 grants we’ve been able to award thanks to your support; 100 adaptation projects to be put in place or already completed … making 100 children happier and safer in their home.

Three of these children who’ve recently seen their projects reach completion for their new bedrooms and wetrooms are William, Ronnie and Reuben.

Team William’s project involved raising £40,000 required above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded to extend the family bungalow for 6-year-old William. 

William’s parents explain:

“To discharge William from hospital, we gave up the living room of our bungalow to accommodate him and his equipment because this was the only room big enough. Moving William around the house and showering him posed difficulties. His equipment could not get around the bungalow because the hallway was very tight. His wheelchair lived in the conservatory and everything else stayed in his room.”

“The adaptations mean we now have a living room again, which is great for us as a family. All four of us can now easily spend time together. The wet room and shower chair make life much easier and the hoist means that we can continue to manage as he grows up. The house is now fit for purpose and future proof.”

Meanwhile Ronnie and his family are equally delighted with their new space for 4-year-old Ronnie.

Ronnie’s Dad explains of the new garage conversion adaptation:

“Having the new hoist system and garage adaptations mean that we no longer have to carry Ronnie up and downstairs to have personal care – this had been dangerous as he is very heavy and could not be bathed when he wanted if both parents weren’t around, in case of falls.”

Now that the £10,000 additional funds required have been raised for the project Ronnie’s Dad continues:

“This has made a huge difference. Ronnie can now choose when he wants personal care instead of waiting for two adults. Now Ronnie has the independence of having his own room with a bathroom for his ongoing care and health needs towards the future.”

Over at Reuben’s house, it’s a jungle ‘Room4Reuben’ that’s been created for the 6-year-old, having reached the £36,000 target required for the works.

As Reuben’s family explain:

“Reuben now has a downstairs bedroom to call his own that he is able to access independently, it has direct access to the garden, where Reuben can access a safe garden to play. Reuben’s wetroom enables us to have enough space now and as he grows to shower him, change nappies etc and in time hopefully to help him learn toileting and self-care. The increase in space and creation of accessible spaces has reduced stress levels significantly.”

If the arrival of warmer weather has you seeking out activities … then look no further than our ‘5K for May’ chance to get active this month whilst raising funds for Sullivan’s Heroes. 

Someone else who is being incredibly active is Ben Lippiett who is busy in training for the mighty London Marathon this October, to raise funds and awareness for the charity.

We’ve been thankful for support recently from a number of generous donors – Acumen Business Law, SJS Builders together with Rebound Therapy and Rebound Fitness have provided funds for ongoing grants. 

Direct funds for projects have also been gratefully received from Hospital Saturday Fund for ‘Home adaptations for Jude’, and from The Rotary Club of Banbury Cherwell’s Quiz Night for ‘William and his great glass elevator’. 

Noah and Joey, whose parents work within the educational sector have received additional funding from Education Support and Teaching Staff Trust; whilst ‘Iman’s home adaptation’ target has been boosted thanks to Cash for Kids.

Further funds have also generously been raised through Vodafone’s Employee Matched Giving scheme for ‘Sophie’s Independence’ project – the building works for which are due to get underway this week now that the £25,000 target has been successfully met!

Plus, individual fundraisers have been busy supporting us with Facebook Fundraisers for their birthdays, via Payroll Giving and direct donations – our thanks to everyone involved for your support.

Please do get in touch if you have any fundraising events, activities and ideas you’d like to share with us; or if you would like to apply for a grant or to fundraise through Sullivan’s Heroes.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated.