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Rebound Fitness

Our sincere thanks to Rebound Fitness for their support in conjunction with Rebound Therapy.

Rebound Fitness have generously supported Sullivan’s Heroes in return for videos and tutorials provided by Rebound Therapy for Flexi-Bounce Therapy. All funds donated will be used towards home adaptation grants for the disabled children Sullivan’s Heroes is supporting.

Rebounding, or mini trampoline exercise, is great fun and suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels. Research into rebounding has proven its many health benefits, and the amazing positive effect that gravity has on the body when doing rebound exercise.

Flexi-Bounce Therapy

Flexi-Bounce Therapy is a comprehensive graded exercise and development programme for children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs. The exercise is performed on the orthopaedic quality rebounder, the Fit Bounce Pro XL, developed by Rebound Fitness.


Rebounding for Everyone!

Rebound Fitness will have you ‘Jumping for Joy’ with their high quality home rebounders and online video workouts with plenty of workout variety for the whole family to have fun whilst working out.

So whether you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete you can tailor your rebounding programme to suit your requirements. The Rebound Fitness team have produced a whole mixed genre of exciting mini trampoline workouts available in their Bounce & Burn membership for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Find out more about Flexi-Bounce Therapy and Rebound Fitness at their website: