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Rebound Therapy supports Sullivan’s Heroes

Sullivan’s Heroes are very proud and grateful to have been selected by Rebound Therapy as their chosen affiliate partner to receive generous support.

‘Rebound Therapy’ is the phrase that describes a specific model of trampoline therapy – exercise therapy which uses a full-sized trampoline to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across virtually the whole spectrum of special needs. 

Much more than special needs trampolining or disability trampolining, Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of benefits for people across virtually the whole spectrum of disabilities., the UK based worldwide federation for Rebound Therapy, is responsible for the development and delivery of the original, internationally accredited and approved Rebound Therapy training course.

The Rebound Therapy team of approved tutors provide accredited training courses throughout the UK for Teachers, TA’s, care staff, physiotherapists, OT’s at the request of schools, NHS groups, adult groups, leisure centres, clubs, charity agencies and trampoline parks. The courses include training in planning, measuring and recording progress and providing evidence of outcomes. will generously be offering a free of charge tutorial service to families using 'Flexi-Bounce Therapy' which is a home based complementary programme to Rebound Therapy, in return for the families kindly donating to Sullivan’s Heroes.  

All funds received by Sullivan’s Heroes will be used towards home disability adaptation grants for the children the charity is helping, and are greatly appreciated – bringing a positive and lasting difference to the lives of the disabled children we are supporting.

See how your funds will support disabled children.

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