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‘Funding Ishani’s Forever Home’ is fulfilled!

We’re delighted to bring news of the first of 2023’s completed projects from Sullivan’s Heroes, for ‘Funding Ishani’s Forever Home’.

‘William and his great glass elevator’ are uplifting!

As this month reaches an end, so too does the works for the latest completed adaptation project from Sullivan’s Heroes for ‘William and his great glass elevator’.

‘George’s Help for Home Adaptions’ concludes!

Not only has September heralded an 11th birthday for George – but also the unveiling of his newly adapted spaces, created to meet his needs. This meant George could celebrate in style by accessing and navigating his home independently, in his new powered wheelchair, for the first time ever!

‘Joey’s Journey’ is completed!

Another week … and another completed adaptations project from Sullivan’s Heroes! 

‘Raising Funds for Hattie’s bedroom’ is finished!

There are extra reasons to celebrate summer this year at Hattie’s house, as the extension and adaptations for the 4-year-old’s new bedroom have incorporated new level access and a ramp straight into the garden to enjoy the outdoors.

‘Noah’s new bedroom, bathroom and accessible garden’ is unveiled!

It’s looking to be a birthday full of excitement for Noah – who not only celebrates turning 12 next month – but can now really do so in style, in his fantastic new space that has been created to meet his needs safely and securely.

‘Ana-Lily’s Home Adaptations’ are completed!

Ana-Lily and her family are as excited as we are at Sullivan’s Heroes, now that ‘Ana-Lily’s Home Adaptations’ are completed and in use by the 11-year-old.

‘Home adaptations for Jude’ are completed!

We are delighted to start the new year with a celebration of the latest completed project from Sullivan’s Heroes, for 3-year-old Jude.

Amelia’s amazing adaptations are ready!

We are thrilled to bring news of the latest completed project from Sullivan’s Heroes for Amelia – which we think is a fine way to celebrate her recently turning 10 years old!

‘Dylan’s new bedroom and bathroom’ is a delight!

We’re very excited at Sullivan’s Heroes to bring news of the latest completed project – for soon to be 9-year-old Dylan.

Matthew’s ecstatic with his excellent extension!

We’re as happy at Sullivan’s Heroes as Matthew and his family are with their newly extended home, to meet 9-year-old Matthew’s needs.

‘Fletcher’s new bedroom & bathroom’ dream is fulfilled!

All at Sullivan’s Heroes, together with Fletcher and his family, are thrilled to bring news of the completed project for ‘Fletcher’s new bedroom & bathroom’.

It’s a Jungle ‘Room4Reuben’!

Reuben and his family are delighted now that the jungle-themed ‘Room4Reuben’ is completed and in everyday use for the 6-year-old.

Ronnie’s great garage conversion is complete!

We’re delighted that the conversion of the garage on Ronnie’s home to create a ground floor bedroom, wetroom and full access throughout the house for the 4-year-old is now finished and fully furnished!

A brand new space for ‘Team William’

The daunting target of £40,000 required to be raised for William’s own bedroom and wetroom didn’t deter the 6-year-old and his family.

‘Vinnie’s new bedroom and wetroom’ reaches lofty heights!

Vinnie and his family are delighted now that the project to create ‘Vinnie’s new bedroom and wetroom’ is completed and 12-year-old Vinnie has his own new space for himself.

A ‘Safe Space for Jonah’ makes all the difference!

We’re as delighted as Jonah and his family are to bring news of the ‘Safe space for Jonah‘ that has been created for the 16-year old.  

Tommy’s bedroom is tremendous!

Tommy and his family are so pleased now the soon to be 9-year-old has his own accessible downstairs bedroom and bathroom – what a fantastic birthday present!

Natalie’s Wonderful Wetroom!

Wow, what a fantastic wetroom 7-year old Natalie is now the happy user of! We’re delighted to see the new safer and accessible space for Natalie has been put in place.

Destiny’s Designer Space is Stunning!

Well, what a difference the extension to Destiny’s family home has made for the 4-year-old. 

Toby’s new space is a triumph!

Toby and his family are delighted now that the new extension to the family home for Toby’s bedroom and bathroom suite has been successfully completed and is now happily in use by the 8-year old. 

Archie’s Adaptations Accomplished!

We’re excited to bring you news of the completed extension to Archie’s home to create a new bedroom and enlarge the existing bathroom to create an accessible wetroom for the 9-year old.

Jaden’s enjoying his new space

We’re as delighted as Jaden and his family to bring news of the completed extension to house 10-year-old Jaden’s accessible bedroom and bathroom.

Finlay’s fantastic finished project

Finlay and his family are delighted now that the adaptations project to fully meet Finlay’s needs as he grows older has been completed.

A beautiful ‘Room for Jessica’

We are delighted to bring news of Jessica’s brand new ground floor bedroom that has now been completed.

Joe’s enjoying his new room!

We are very excited that the £23,000 required for creating a downstairs bedroom and wetroom for Joe has been reached and his fantastic new space is now completed and in use, making a huge difference to Joe’s life.

Elisha’s excited with her adaptations!

We are equally as excited as Elisha to bring news of her completed project to build a fully adapted bedroom with wetroom and through-floor lift to meet Elisha’s needs.

Noah’s Bedroom has been Built!

We at Sullivan’s Heroes, along with Noah and his family, are delighted now that the £45,000 target required to ‘Build Noah a Bedroom’ has been reached.

William’s gained his independence

William and his family are very excited now that the £23,163 required to build a ground floor bedroom and adjoining wet room to meet William’s needs has been met, and the project has now been completed.

Reece’s Room is Ready!

We’re very excited to bring news of Reece’s completed adaptations, creating a ground floor bedroom and wetroom of his own to meet Reece’s needs.

Molly’s ‘Home for a Princess’

We’re delighted to unveil Molly’s home adaptations, which have certainly created a ‘Home for a Princess’. 

‘Libby’s Lift’ and Adaptations are completed

Libby and her family are very excited now that Libby’s new fully accessible bedroom and wetroom have been built, and her through-floor lift installed to enable moving around the home safely.

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