‘Dominic’s New Bedroom and Bathroom’ is built!

Dominic and his family couldn’t be happier now that the extension to their family home for ‘Dominic’s New Bedroom and Bathroom’ has been completed, allowing 16-year-old Dominic to have his own bedroom and private wetroom to meet his needs as he gets older.

‘Sophie’s Independence’ is Secured!

There’s excitement all around in Sophie’s house, as the works to build a new bedroom and wetroom for the 7-year-old to aid ‘Sophie’s Independence’ have reached completion point.

Sam’s Safe Space is superb!

We’re very excited to unveil the latest completed project from Sullivan’s Heroes – which created a bespoke room to meet Sam’s therapy needs.

‘George’s Help for Home Adaptions’ concludes!

Not only has September heralded an 11th birthday for George – but also the unveiling of his newly adapted spaces, created to meet his needs. This meant George could celebrate in style by accessing and navigating his home independently, in his new powered wheelchair, for the first time ever!

‘Raising Funds for Hattie’s bedroom’ is finished!

There are extra reasons to celebrate summer this year at Hattie’s house, as the extension and adaptations for the 4-year-old’s new bedroom have incorporated new level access and a ramp straight into the garden to enjoy the outdoors.