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‘A Space 4 Jakey’ is a jubilant success!

It’s with great excitement that we bring news of the completion of one of the biggest projects to date through Sullivan’s Heroes – to create ‘A Space 4 Jakey’.


The comprehensive works, to build a ground floor extension to provide a fully accessible bedroom and bathroom to meet Jacob’s needs safely, involved converting half the garage and existing kitchen; together with building a downstairs utility room and bathroom; plus sensory area and external ramping for access for 12-year-old Jakey.

As Jakey’s parents explain:

“The space we had was very narrow; we could not get his wheelchair near his bed to transfer him to and from his bed, we also did not have disabled access.”

The cost of the works for the project saw an intimidating £60,000 required to be raised above the council Disabled Facilities Grant funding awarded, to ensure these vital adaptations could be put in place for Jakey. This huge target didn’t deter Jakey’s family in any way though – as they set about raising the target through various methods.

Family and friends all undertook a number of fundraising events and activities – not least the creation of Jakey’s calendars, designed ingeniously using his ‘EyeGaze communication device’ – with an impressive £12,000 raised through these numerous activities.

External organisations were approached with the support of Sullivan’s Heroes and funds gratefully received from many – including over £14,000 raised by employees and Match Funding through Legal & General; over £13,500 raised via various Masonic lodges across Sussex and a generous £20,000 donation from the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation.

With the funds secured, works proceeded to adapt Jakey’s house to make the requirements for his medical and care needs.

“All doors have been widened within our home and open space been created. Jakey is now able to access the downstairs and outside space easily. We are now able to all sit together as a family to watch TV and enjoy meals together.”

Jakey's family 'A Space 4 Jakey'

And of the benefit Sullivan’s Heroes’ support provided through the course of the project, Jakey’s parents state:

“Sullivan’s Heroes gave us a platform which enabled us to use their name to promote our fundraising. We were able to obtain discounts on a lot of equipment and goods such as flooring, outdoor mobile hoist for hot tub and discounts on appliances.”

We’re delighted at Sullivan’s Heroes to see Jakey utilising these new spaces and congratulate all involved in creating these life-changing differences for Jakey to enjoy as he grows older.

View the fundraising page for ‘A Space 4 Jakey’ here.