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Ronnie’s great garage conversion is complete!

We’re delighted that the conversion of the garage on Ronnie’s home to create a ground floor bedroom, wetroom and full access throughout the house for the 4-year-old is now finished and fully furnished!

Ronnie and his family set about fundraising through Sullivan’s Heroes towards the £10,000 required above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded for the project – and in a matter of just a few months not only were the funds raised but the work fully completed.

Ronnie’s Dad details the issues Ronnie faced prior to the project going ahead, and the need for these vital adaptations:

“The difficulties we encountered were that we had no proper hoist system in place. So, Mum and Dad were carrying Ronnie upstairs to the bathroom to carry out personal care.”

To aid Ronnie’s mobility and safe transfer between pieces of equipment, the project has seen hoisting installed throughout Ronnie’s new space, together with external access, as Ronnie’s Dad continues to explain:

“Having the new hoist system and garage adaptations mean that we no longer have to carry Ronnie up and downstairs to have personal care – this had been dangerous as he is very heavy and could not be bathed when he wanted if both parents weren’t around, in case of falls.”

These adaptations have now provided a space for Ronnie’s future needs as his parents further express:

“This has made a huge difference. Ronnie can now choose when he wants personal care instead of waiting for two adults. We do not have to worry about dangers of carrying him downstairs and do not have to worry about future health problems due to carrying him.”

“We have gained Ronnie having more independence and saying when he wants things done – he can have his own space and be in control a bit of when he has personal care or free time!”

With the help of external charities donating funds towards Ronnie’s project via Sullivan’s Heroes, together with his family’s own fundraising, Sullivan’s Heroes supported Ronnie’s project throughout as his Dad indicates:

“The support from Sullivan’s Heroes has been an overwhelming help. For the whole family, and especially Ronnie, it has managed to help reach our goal – giving Ronnie the independence of having his own room with a bathroom for his ongoing care and health needs towards the future.”

Of the fundraising journey itself, Ronnie’s family explains the funding issues faced prior to approaching Sullivan’s Heroes and the benefit the charity brings to such projects:

“Without Sullivan’s Heroes the garage adaptations and hoist would have had to wait until we had been able to save a bit more and Ronnie would have just got too big. We are very thankful for this help. They bring huge benefits for families, especially for those that cannot afford to get these done. Lifesaver!”

We’re delighted at Sullivan’s Heroes to see Ronnie here with his Dad – so happy in his new room – and we’re equally pleased with these lovely words to end with from Ronnie’s Dad:

“I would just like to say that Sullivan’s Heroes charity has helped us touch so many hearts in so many ways possible. Fiona is such an inspiration in all the hard work she does – with all the love, care and help she provides for all families for them to reach their goals – helping all vulnerable children, to make possible dreams come true.”