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The Mackintosh Foundation boost the ‘Last Blast For Sebby’s Space’!

Our sincere thanks to The Mackintosh Foundation and all their trustees for a recent generous donation of £5,000 to Sullivan’s Heroes, to provide funds towards the 'Last Blast For Sebby’s Space'.

The project – for which the £20,000 shortfall above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded is being raised by Sebby, his family and friends – will extend the existing family home to provide Sebby with a downstairs bedroom, wet-room, physio/family area, access to house and garden with patio and hydro hot tub installed, plus open up the interior of the house to provide access for Sebby throughout. 

These specific funds from The Mackintosh Foundation will be used towards a bedroom hoist system to enable Sebby’s mobility and movement, together with a specialist height adjustable sink to meet his needs and aid his independence. 

The adaptations project will allow Sebby’s daily care and medical needs to be met in a more manageable way, so he can continue to be cared for safely and with dignity in his own home – making a positive and lasting difference to Sebby’s life and well-being.