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Reece's Room is Ready!

We’re very excited to bring news of Reece’s completed adaptations, creating a ground floor bedroom and wetroom of his own to meet Reece’s needs.

ReeceBuild070617A Disabled Facilities Grant was awarded to Reece for his home adaptations, but a shortfall of £5,500 was still needed above this amount to complete the works required – to extend the house and reposition the stairs to create the new space required. Now that this target has been met through fundraising, ReeceProject3Reece is the proud and happy occupant of his own new downstairs bedroom and wetroom.

As Reece’s Mum explains “Before the extension the impact on Reece's behaviour was horrendous. He had no space to calm down or to be on his own as he was sharing a bedroom with his younger brother. Due to Reece's sleep problems, this kept his brother awake causing him to be tired the next day. Also, his younger brother didn't feel safe sharing a room with Reece ReeceHarrisPinsonProject190717in case he would lash ReeceBuild080717out in the night at him.

“Now the children have their own rooms. Reece sleeps downstairs in the extension and has his own space for doing his homework, unwinding and when angry or not coping he can go into his own room. He is now happier taking showers with assistance in the wet room, and able to get to the toilet quickly due to anxiety issues and holding things in at school.

“This has also benefitted his younger brother due to his sensory needs and ADD.  The wet room/downstairs toilet has also helped greatly for his younger brother for ReeceProject1toilet ReeceProject2problems, as he is now able to get to the toilet quicker and there are less toilet accidents for him.”

Reece’s Mum concludes “The extension has been a godsend to the family unit, and I wish I had known about the process many years ago as life would have been so much calmer for us all.”

View Reece's Fundraising Project Page here.