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ITV News feature ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’

We are delighted to see the project for ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ featured on ITV News Granada – detailing the remaining £15,000 needed to be raised for Thomas’ adaptations.

Thomas’ family have been busy raising funds towards the shortfall of money required above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded, to create a basement extension allowing to continue to care for Thomas as he gets bigger and heavier, whilst laying the way for independent living once Thomas reaches adulthood.

The family had raised all the funds for the project when delays and complications due to the pandemic, issues caused by the drains and sewerage, followed by the series of recent storms then added another £30,000 to their final costs – of which the family have been able to raise half.

Thanks to the ITV News article, further donations have been received – but there’s still a way to go to meet the £95,000 target to ensure these works can be completed for Thomas’ to move back into his accessible home. 

Thomas’ Mum Joanne explains:

“We are going to have a parking space so his wheelchair vehicle can come round, and we can get him off down the ramp into what will be a nice big kitchen and dining area with an accessible table and things he can use himself. There will be a hygiene suite where he can go and be changed with dignity, he'll be able to be a lot more independent than he is."

View and read the ITV News feature about ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ here.

To read more about ‘Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross’ and how you can support Thomas and his family, please visit: