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Vodafone Foundation

Vodafone Foundation invest in the betterment of the communities in which Vodafone operates, focusing on the challenges where they believe Vodafone’s technology can make a difference.

The Vodafone Foundation is a UK registered charity (Number 1089625), and allocates Vodafone Group Plc funds to projects around the world that are run in partnership with other charitable organisations & NGOs.

Vodafone Foundation is focused on investing in projects that produce meaningful change, at scale and with lasting impact. Their work combining Vodafone’s charitable giving and technology to improve people’s lives spans a wide range of uses, including maternal health, domestic violence and refugee education – to name just a few.

Sullivan’s Heroes were delighted to receive support from Vodafone Foundation recently with funds for ‘Sophie’s Independence’ project – as part of Vodafone’s Employee Matched Giving scheme. The Vodafone Foundation generously supported and Match Funded fundraising carried out through a Liverpool Football Shirt Raffle and via Mirrorshine Detail.