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The Licensed Trade Charity

The Licensed Trade Charity’s mission is “to equip people to be self-reliant and achieve their personal best."

The Licensed Trade Charity helps pubs, bar, brewery, wines and spirits people when they are in need of help. They support hundreds of people facing a crisis with practical, emotional and financial support each year.

It is estimated that around 250,000 people working in the licensed trade are in need of support at any one time and the charity try to reach out to as many as possible.

People who manage or work in pubs give a lot of time, energy and often compassion to their customers, but don’t necessarily gain much financial reward for this. So when a life crisis hits, it may not take much to have a devastating effect on them, and their family.

The Licensed Trade Charity are honest with how they can help and the charity, from their Trustee body, to their employees and volunteers, consists of people who genuinely care about making a positive difference in others’ lives. This passion for others is woven into the fabric of who they are and what they do.

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