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The Grace Trust

The Grace Trust operates on a very broad scale, both at European and International level.

It was mid 1960’s when a member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church sold his manufacturing business. The sale enabled him to answer to his Christian beliefs and fulfil a lifetime objective of providing for others, so he generously donated a large proportion of the sale proceeds for charitable purposes.

The Trust is supported by members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and supports Christian Schools in Britain, the Continent, Africa, South America and the Caribbean and has provided medical treatments for disadvantaged children living in the most difficult circumstances.

Its purposes include supporting education, especially for young people (where it is taught under a Christian ethos), the furtherance of the Gospel, relief of poverty, aiding the ill, elderly and infirm and disaster relief.

The Grace Trust operates with practically no overheads as it relies almost entirely on its hardworking volunteers. This means that almost 100% of the amounts donated reach the recipients.

We were delighted to receive support from The Grace Trust recently towards ‘Building Thomas a Future’, meeting funds required for Thomas’ home adaptations project.

Read about The Grace Trust's support for ‘Building Thomas a Future’ here.