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‘Funding Ishani’s Forever Home’ is fulfilled!

We’re delighted to bring news of the first of 2023’s completed projects from Sullivan’s Heroes, for ‘Funding Ishani’s Forever Home’.

As Ishani’s family explain – prior to the works, the existing family home presented various problematic challenges in the form of: 

“Overcrowding with no specialised facilities due to lack of space for the family, new baby and two carers in one small living room; Ishani’s frustration and self-harming because of this.”

The project to overcome these concerns involved plans to extend the family bungalow home to provide a bedroom, bathroom and therapy room, plus adapt the house to give access for 9-year-old Ishani to move about safely.

Ishani’s Mum further explained the background and requirement for the works, at the start of their fundraising process: 

“Presently Ishani is outgrowing the equipment that gives her the most freedom and desperately needs a proper soft play area where she can roll about freely and learn to stand on her own and develop her motor skills safely. Currently, half the living room is her soft play area which she occupies with at least one carer, the other half has to be for the rest of the family. We need to provide Ishani with her own bespoke facilities where she will be able to move about freely in her harness, with safe bathing and dignity as she gets older.”

Despite Disabled Facilities Grant funding being awarded from the council, the cost of the planned works still left a daunting £70,000 to be found for the project to get underway. 

Undeterred, the family set about raising the funds through Sullivan’s Heroes with the support of family, friends and local businesses, together with sourcing funding from external organisations – with an astounding two thirds of their target raised in the first 2 weeks alone!

Within three months the target was met and the works were underway – only to be hampered with additional costs as building supply prices escalated. However, the family soldiered on unswayed – with their unwavering determination – raising the additional funds required to cover all the necessary costs, and are now reaping the rewards of all the hard work with a fully adapted space, and the benefits which that brings, as they enlighten us: 

“It has changed our lives. Ishani has her own play space and a level house and outside space and more importantly room to explore the house in bad weather.”

“She will have her own space as she gets older but still in the heart of her family. The family now can have a house with normal spaces.”

Detailing how Sullivan’s Heroes offered support throughout the process, Ishani’s family elaborates: 

“The backing of a charity that had vetted us meant we could fundraise with legitimacy and people would know we were a genuine case. Sullivan’s Heroes gave us a starting platform to direct people to.”

And of the charity’s support for other families in similar situations, Ishani’s parents detail that Sullivan’s Heroes provides:

“A place to tell their story. Legitimacy and the confidence to fundraise.”

In thanks to all those that helped the family throughout this adaptations process, Ishani’s family states:

“Our little family are exhausted, a little overwhelmed and so so grateful to all of you who’ve helped us to get to where we are….whether that’s “Sam Builder” and his team for building our home, the local businesses who donated goods, appliances, services, our new found friend Jason for giving us somewhere to live whilst the renovations were carried out, those of you who organised events, quizzes, raffles, climbing mountains, running marathons etc to raise money for our fund without which we could never have afforded to complete the project…and very importantly to each and every one of you who’ve supported us through this 6 months! Whether that was donating to the fund, sharing our posts, looking after the girls or just cheering us on … it’s been so lovely seeing how many of you have been invested in this build project with us and I’ve loved sharing the progress with you all!"

“This extension has given Ishani the space and diversity for light and shade as her needs and the weather dictates. Everything is calm and happy, a major change from being all cramped and on top of each other in a small living room, which was not healthy for her, her carers or her family. Our lives will never be normal but everyday we pinch ourselves that we now have the best possible home for Ishani’s development and safety.”

We, at Sullivan’s Heroes, are delighted to hear the success of these amazing new spaces for Ishani – and we love this lasting memento that the family have planted as a thank you tribute to all those involved in this journey to make such a positive difference to Ishani’s life:

“For everyone who has helped us and perhaps won't have the opportunity to visit and witness just how much your generosity has brought such positivity and sunshine into our lives, we have planted this 'Camelia Donation' so that we always will have a reminder of just what you have done for us. Thank you all doesn't seem enough. If you can't read the plaque it says: 

This Camelia donation has been planted in honour of all the wonderful people who stepped up to give us the gift of a Forever Home for Ishani…you are Forever in our hearts".

View the fundraising page for ‘Funding Ishani’s Forever Home’ here.