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Well done to Lily-May and Ali – swimming 1.5km for Room4Reuben

Well done to Reuben's 7 year old sister Lily-May and his Godmother Ali, who challenged themselves to swim further than they have ever swum before on 8th April 2018, to raise funds for a ‘Room4Reuben’.

ReubenWoodsSupportNow2The swim went fantastically well and the intrepid pair not only reached their 1.5km target, but surpassed this! Lily-May swam her 25 lengths target in 45 minutes and her swimming stroke and stamina was so impressive for a child who only turned 8 last week; whilst Ali also smashed her target of 50 lengths.

Equally as impressive as the swimming were the funds raised of at least £700! Thank you for your generosity to all those that supported the dynamic duo, including a fellow swimmer who was so impressed with Lil-May's swimming that she sponsored her £15 there and then!

The funds raised will provide Reuben with a downstairs bedroom complete with en-suite level access shower room; and safe access to a garden suitable to meet his physical and learning disabilities. These adaptations will make a huge difference to Reuben’s life – he will have independent access to his bedroom and shower room, without needing to be carried or supported on the stairs which are a real danger to him, and he will have his own bedroom for the first time ever.

Reuben's toileting needs will be met in a dignified way, and he will have access to the shower much ReubenWoodsSupportNow1more easily than the current bathroom allows. As Reuben grows the easily accessed shower room will enable him to develop independence with washing and toileting.

Extending the living space will allow the downstairs bedroom to be built for Reuben, whilst creating enough space for his equipment. An easily accessed garden space will be created so Reuben will not only be safe, but can develop independence in his play with his friends and siblings.

To add to the funds raised by Lily-May and Ali, and to support Reuben please visit: