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‘Vinnie’s new bedroom and wetroom’ reaches lofty heights!

Vinnie and his family are delighted now that the project to create ‘Vinnie’s new bedroom and wetroom’ is completed and 12-year-old Vinnie has his own new space for himself.

The project for Vinnie required a loft conversion in the family home for which a Disabled Facilities Grant was awarded – but this still left a shortfall of £8,000 needing to be funded.

Prior to the adaptations Vinnie shared a bedroom with his older brother, as Vinnie’s Mum explains: 

“Vinnie shared a bedroom with his teenage brother which caused major problems.  They both weren’t very good at sharing – they had no quiet personal space and night-time routines became a major issue.”

With the support of Sullivan’s Heroes the family set about fundraising towards the £8,000 required to meet the costs of the works, to improve Vinnie’s independence, social and mental wellbeing.  

Vinnie’s Mum details the support the charity provided throughout the fundraising process:

“Sullivan’s Heroes are very beneficial. I gained financial and personal support from them, and there was plenty of friendly professional advice given as well. I couldn’t have gone ahead with the works without them.

“Sullivan’s Heroes awarded Vinnie a grant and also put us forward to other organisations who also awarded grants.”

Having successfully reached the target to complete Vinnie’s fabulous new space, his Mum tells us how this has impacted Vinnie and the family as a whole:

“The new facilities have allowed Vinnie to have his own bedroom.  This has had a positive effect on his mental health and wellbeing.  And also a really positive outcome on our whole family structure and routine.

“Night-time routines are now relaxing and peaceful and everyone is getting quality rest and sleep. Vinnie has become more independent and grown up. And is beginning to look after all his stuff in his room.”

Vinnie’s Mum sums up the differences brought about:

“My child has a quiet personal space which he really enjoys and has made him very happy.”

We couldn’t be happier at Sullivan’s Heroes either, to hear the positive changes the project has brought to Vinnie and his family.

View 'Vinnie's new bedroom and wetroom' fundraising page here.