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Sullivan's Heroes Launches

We are delighted to launch Sullivan's Heroes. The charity aims to provide financial grants and fundraising assistance to families with disabled children, raising funds to adapt their homes to meet the child’s care and health requirements.
The charity offers fundraising support for these much needed home adaptations, to help these families striving to create the optimal home environment for their child to live safely and with dignity.

Please support us by spreading the word about our charity, our website and how you can help us to raise funds.

Use our form in the footer of our website to Tell a Friend about our charity. And by registering a contact email address on our Newsletter Sign-up we can also keep you and all those registered up to date with our latest news.

Like, Follow and Share our Facebook page with all your friends, family and colleagues who may like to support us.

Download our flyer and pin it on the noticeboard at your place of work or similar. Or perhaps you'd like a Collection Tin to display?

Please help us to build brighter futures for disabled children – your support is greatly appreciated.