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Stephens Bakery Foundation supports ‘Keira’s BIG Build’

Our sincere thanks to Stephens Bakery Foundation for their recent support towards ‘Keira’s BIG Build’.

The donation of £717.59 will be used towards mobility equipment in Keira’s new bedroom – which is being built on the 12-year-old’s home to allow her parents to continue to care for Keira as she gets bigger and older. 

The adaptations being put in place to provide a new bedroom, wetroom and improved living space will also secure independent living for Keira once she reaches adulthood, together with a place where carers helping with Keira's needs will have all the essentials necessary to meet her care requirements.

Our thanks to all involved in this pledge, which will go a long way towards the £50,000 shortfall between the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded for Keira’s project and the total costs of the works. 

This donation from Stephens Bakery Foundation is greatly appreciated and will make a lasting and positive difference to Keira’s life.

"We were delighted to be able to help out with this funding, and hope Keira can get the room of her dreams soon."  Talia Sarafilovic, Trustee, Stephens Bakery Foundation.