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Screwfix Foundation supports Sullivan’s Heroes

We are extremely grateful at Sullivan’s Heroes to have received support recently from Screwfix Foundation towards some of the children being supported, with a generous £5,000 grant awarded from the Foundation.

The funds will be used towards meeting the targets of various of the families raising funds through Sullivan’s Heroes – to meet their shortfall required for the children’s home disability adaptation projects to be completed.

These funds are vital in enabling projects such as house extensions to accommodate accessible bedrooms and wet rooms; through-floor wheelchair lifts; tracking and ceiling hoists; internal wheelchair accessible living facilities plus internal and external wheelchair ramps and access points – all designed to meet the child’s requirements to live safely and with dignity, and improve their quality of life within their home environment.  

“We at Screwfix Foundation felt that Sullivan’s Heroes' projects sit well within our own charitable purpose to support projects that will fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities, specifically for those in need within the UK.” John Mewett, Trustee of The Screwfix Foundation