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Sam’s Safe Space is superb!

We’re very excited to unveil the latest completed project from Sullivan’s Heroes – which created a bespoke room to meet Sam’s therapy needs.

Sam’s family provides us with the background to the project: 

“Sam is 17 Years old – he has autism and epilepsy. Last year we applied for DFG funding for a therapy room/safe space for Sam to allow Sam as he gets older to have his own space away from the house to enjoy his music, therapy, pottery and arts/crafts with his PA’s.”

Sam’s Mum explains some of the challenges faced previously:

“Samuel is constantly on the move and wanting food. He has autism and ADHD and epilepsy, he also has PICA which is eating non-food items, which require 24/7 round the clock care needs.”

A Disabled Facilities Grant was awarded for the building of an external room in the garden of Sam’s home, to accommodate this new facility for Sam. Funds were still required above the £30,000 awarded for the project, so Sam’s family sought assistance through Sullivan’s Heroes to fund the shortfall.

Despite the rainy conditions, the building of the room came together to provide this beautiful space for Sam’s use.

Sam’s Mum continues:

“The Therapy room gives Sam a safe space away from the house to enable him to regulate his sensory needs and away from the kitchen where then he just wants to eat. The adaption has given Sam a safe space to chill out and play music away from the house, with his favourite toys and puzzles, and to do his pottery, arts and craft with his PA. Work has only just finished recently and already it has been well used and loved by Sam to listen to music and chill, and do his arts and crafts.”

Of the support Sullivan’s Heroes provided the family throughout this process, and to other families in similar circumstances, Sam’s parents add:

“Sullivan Heroes helps families like ourselves who do not meet the additional top-up funding over £30k. Thank you to Sullivan Heroes who helped with these funds over the cost of £30,000.”

And the icing on the cake at Sullivan’s Heroes was receiving this lovely ‘Thank You’ card, creatively designed by Sam and his Mum in his new space!