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‘Raising Funds for Hattie’s bedroom’ is finished!

There are extra reasons to celebrate summer this year at Hattie’s house, as the extension and adaptations for the 4-year-old’s new bedroom have incorporated new level access and a ramp straight into the garden to enjoy the outdoors.

The ground floor extension for Hattie’s adapted bedroom includes an accessible wet room, with hoisting throughout, together with a safety bed to meet Hattie’s needs. 

Hattie’s parents give us an insight into life at home prior to the adaptations:

“It is heart-breaking for us as her parents to not be able to give Hattie all that she needs in order to thrive and enjoy her own space so that we can be confident she is safe in her surroundings. Helping us provide this safe space for Hattie means so much to us all as a family – not only will it provide Hattie with the safety she needs, it will also mean we can take part in her play and development and enjoy moments which most families can take for granted.”  

“A purpose-built downstairs bedroom and wet room will allow Hattie to have her own space and be more independent as she grows older without the need for us to intervene. A full access path and ramp from the garden into her bedroom will allow fully independent living.”

The ‘Raising Funds for Hattie’s bedroom’ extension project required £10,428 to be raised above the Disabled Facilities Grant and top-up funding awarded from the council towards the works. 

Now that those funds have been successfully raised through Sullivan’s Heroes, including additional funding from other organisations, the house has been restructured to provide open plan living space throughout, plus internal and external access to the garden created for Hattie’s mobility equipment.

Hattie’s parents explain how the difficulties faced beforehand have now been overcome with the adaptations put in place:

“There was not enough space in the upstairs bedroom and due to Hattie not being fully mobile we had to carry her to the bathroom and bedroom each day.”

“The adaptations will give Hattie her freedom and safe space within the household, allowing her to develop at her own pace within a space she feels confident using as it has no obstacles to overcome such as stairs.”

Hattie’s parents also detail the support provided by Sullivan’s Heroes throughout the fundraising and adaptations project:

“The support gave us the extras to purchase a soft play style surround for her bed along with soft play toys and equipment in her bedroom and wet room. The extra funding also allowed for the access ramp to be extended across the back of the house to give her full access around the rear of the property and into the garden.”

“Sullivan’s Heroes allowed us the extra finances to purchase extra items for which we would have otherwise had to save up for a long time or go without, creating the best environment for our daughter’s needs.”

Of the support Sullivan’s Heroes can offer other families in similar circumstances, Hattie’s parents conclude with these much-appreciated words:

“The benefits are amazing as it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have some support for items that may have been out of reach due to financial difficulties. The support given in contacting other charities was also a great help in ensuring we were able to create the facilities our daughter needed.”

“Thank you for your advice and help during what was a very stressful time ensuring we made Hattie’s new bedroom and wet room exactly how she needed it.”

View the fundraising page for ‘Raising Funds for Hattie’s bedroom’ here.