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Northampton Chronicle feature ‘Eleni’s little big build’

We were delighted to see fundraising for ‘Eleni’s little big build’ featured in Northampton Chronicle recently, detailing the adaptations project for 3-year-old Eleni.

The project requires £20,000 to be raised above the Disabled Facilities Grant and top-up funding awarded for the project, to ensure a single storey extension can be built to provide Eleni with a downstairs bedroom, bathroom, storage space and a bath to meet her needs.

Eleni’s parents explain: 

“We are raising money to build an extension for a downstairs bedroom and bathroom for her, giving her own safe place to be. This is becoming more important now as she is growing. It isn’t safe to be taking her up and down stairs as she has multiple seizures and she’s getting bigger and heavier. We will need space for a hoist system to lift her, she is nearly 4 years old, 20kg and 1 metre tall, so lifting her safely isn't going to be possible for much longer. She really needs downstairs facilities so we can stay here with our friends and family around us. For Eleni to have her own bedroom it would mean she has her own space and most importantly, her dignity.”

To read more about ‘Eleni’s little big build’ and how to support her, please visit: