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Natalie’s Wonderful Wetroom!

Wow, what a fantastic wetroom 7-year old Natalie is now the happy user of! We’re delighted to see the new safer and accessible space for Natalie has been put in place.

As Natalie grew, using the existing bathroom with her wheelchair was becoming more difficult, so this needed to be removed and replaced with an accessible, safer and easier to use wetroom with shower.

Natalie’s Mum explains the challenges faced by Natalie and the family before the adaptations: “It was very difficult to transfer Natalie safely in and out of the existing bath.  Also lifting Natalie was becoming a struggle as she is getting heavier.  There wasn’t much room to move in the bathroom either.” 

Detailing the differences now that the adaptations have been completed, Natalie’s Mum states: 

“Natalie is now able to walk into the shower independently and sit on the shower stool. It is a lot easier for me to assist Natalie whilst in the shower and to help promote independence.”

Having received 80% of the funds required for the project through a Disabled Facilities Grant awarded by the local council, Natalie’s family still had a shortfall to meet the full costs for the project.

Natalie’s Mum continues, regarding the support Sullivan’s Heroes offered for the project: 

“In receiving the grant from the charity we were able to have the wet room put in for Natalie.”

Giving further insight into the benefit the charity can offer other families going through similar adaptations processes, Natalie’s Mum adds: “Adaptations can be very expensive and a stressful time for families. So, I think Sullivan’s Heroes would help to relieve some of this. I found the charity very approachable. It was a very easy process, the form wasn't complicated and they were very prompt to reply to any e-mails sent to them.”

Natalie’s Mum states of the new space for Natalie:

“It is a relief now as we are now set for the future.  Also, the wet room will now help Natalie to be more independent in a safer environment.”

We sign off with a final word from Natalie’s Mum on the charity’s support throughout the adaptations project:

“I would like to thank Sullivan’s Heroes very much, you made the process so easy and it was one less thing to worry about.”