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Let’s Do It (LDI) Group support Sullivan’s Heroes

We were delighted to receive support recently from local fundraisers ‘Let’s Do It (LDI) Group’. The group based in East Grinstead, West Sussex and the surrounding areas, has been busy carrying out events and activities over the course of 2019, raising a fantastic £1,000 for Sullivan’s Heroes.

The LDI Group was founded three years ago by Bela and Gareth Morris. They had the idea of bringing a group of friends together to do monthly challenges and activities in order to raise money. The Group has a stated aim of ensuring that any funds raised go to charities in the local area (East Grinstead) where they will make a difference.

Initially focussed on sporting challenges – with the Let’s Do It name coming about as an encouragement to all to get off the sofa and get on with it – the schedule of events has become increasingly diverse. The Group take it in turns to suggest and organise events and everyone who enters has to pay a fee to take part. All this money goes to the charitable fund. Events have included Sponsored Walks, Karaoke nights, A Summer Party, A Village Fete, The Apprentice Challenge, ‘Brutal’ triathlon and a ‘Night at the races’ to list just a few. Occasional events are also arranged on an ad-hoc basis and quite often involve some unsightly mankini activity. Curiously, however, these seem to garner significant sums – who wouldn’t cough up to see mankini skiing and mankini golf?

Previous years have seen charitable donations to Papyrus, the Breck Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society.  This year has been focussed on Sullivan’s Heroes and another local charity specific to helping children in East Grinstead. The funds raised for Sullivan’s Heroes will provide home adaptation grants for the disabled children being supported, to make a positive and lasting difference to their lives.