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How The Friarsgate Trust supported ‘Courageous Cory’s Big Build’

It’s lovely to be able to share this update on how the generous donation of £3,425 from The Friarsgate Trust helped towards ‘Courageous Cory’s Big Build’.

Cory and his family have been busy fundraising to meet the £60,000 required to create a ground floor bedroom and wet room extension to safely meet Cory’s needs.

These funds from The Friarsgate Trust provided Cory with a hydrotherapy bath to accommodate a bath chair which Cory can be safely hoisted into; together with safe padded floor matting for his bedroom and sensory area, plus items of sensory equipment for Cory’s new bedroom.

These elements have already hugely benefitted Cory’s safety and his independence – allowing him to be able to search out his own entertainment – something which he has never been able to do before. 

As Cory’s Dad elaborates:

“With the grant we were able to fund all of Cory's sensory items, which were the maxi bubble tube and mirrors with bracket, his UV lights and UV panel, the electrics to go into the panel with switches, the ‘BlocOut’ blind to Cory’s bedroom so he can enjoy the lights in darkness anytime of the day. It also funded the whirlpool jet bath in his wetroom which he absolutely loves. He's been enjoying the therapy and sensation that the jets bring and it has really made a huge impact on his happiness. 

"We also have protective padding which is used to protect Cory from edges in case he has any drop seizures. Very very vital equipment.”

Our thanks from Sullivan's Heroes to everyone involved in providing these funds to improve Cory’s life, well-being and happiness.