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Worthing Lions Club

Worthing Lions Club were formed 71 years ago – priding themselves on helping those less fortunate than themselves.

There are 48,000 lions clubs worldwide, with some 1.4 million  members. The members of the club are all volunteers and give up their time to raise funds in their shop, selling donated items or recycled mobility aids at low prices.

Worthing Lions Club try to help families who are struggling during times of crisis, usually when illness adds to mounting problems.

Concentrating on youth, the club support local youngsters achieve their goals. Often such youngsters are carers for their loved ones and are missing out on their own childhood. 

They also help individuals, or support more major tasks like rebuilding houses to accommodate disabilities – where they often pledge a certain sum of money to go towards a major build and once funds are reached the money can be released to help pay the bills.

One such disability adaptation project recently supported by Worthing Lions through Sullivan’s Heroes is for 8-year-old Leon’s bedroom and wet room extension.

Read about Worthing Lions Club support for ‘Leon’s downstairs bedroom and wet room’ here.