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Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust

Set up in 2005, the Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust (VACT) provides grants to other charitable organisations and individuals for charitable purposes.

Whilst the Trust can benefit any charitable purpose, in practice the VACT’s main areas of interest are broadening educational experiences (with priority given to adventurous and musical activities by those resident within a 25 mile radius of Newton Abbot in Devon); Heritage railway projects; and Charitable projects that improve the lives of people living in Devon.

VACT also occasionally provide grants to charitable organisations that fall outside these areas of interest, but the focus generally remains on work that enhances the lives of people living in Devon.

Sullivan’s Heroes were delighted to receive support recently for Devon based adaptations project ‘Courageous Cory’s Big Build'.

Read about Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust’s generous support for ‘Courageous Cory’s Big Build' here.