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Promise Dreams

Our gratitude to Promise Dreams for their ongoing support, direct to families referred by Sullivan’s Heroes, to help with their home disability adaptation projects.

These funds continue to provide vital elements of constructing fully accessible home environments for the children – creating bedrooms and wetrooms that meet their care requirements safely and with dignity, and greatly improve their quality of life and well-being.

Promise Dreams help make the dreams of terminally and seriously ill children and their families come true. They keep their costs as low as possible so more of your money goes to help these children.

As a national charity they not only aim to make a real difference to children who are seriously or terminally ill, but also make a difference for their families who are usually massively impacted.

Each child and family has a dream and Promise Dreams aim to make it come true. It could be a holiday to create special/last memories with siblings and family. Perhaps meeting their celebrity hero or visiting a place which is special to them. Often, it's adapted or essential equipment to improve their quality of life. In fact, anything that will make life happier and easier for the family in need.