Festive wishes from Sullivan's Heroes

As this year draws to its’ festive end,

we’d like to thank each and every friend;

For helping Sullivan’s Heroes throughout the year;

to aid disabled children and bring them cheer.


For twenty-five children have now been supported,Xmas2017NoGlowBackground

with funds and help for their new space;

And we’ve been so excited to have it reported,

of the smiles of joy it’s brought to their face.


Not to mention the safer home it will bring,

for children, parents and carers alike;

To be able to enjoy and live safely within,

means a healthier, more comfortable home life.


And to the families and friends who’ve made such effort,

Xmas2017PoemChildrento provide your child with this safety and comfort;

We raise a toast to your success,

and wish you now some time to rest!


As the next year beckons and we ring in the new,

we look forward to more of these projects to start;

And send festive wishes to each of you,

and thank you so much with all our heart.