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Elisha's excited with her adaptations!

We are equally as excited as Elisha to bring news of her completed project to build a fully adapted bedroom with wetroom and through-floor lift to meet Elisha’s needs.

Everyone involved has been busy raising the £15,000 required to build an additional fully adapted and accessible bedroom above the garage at Elisha’s home, with dedicated specially equipped ensuite wetroom and a through-floor lift.

Elisha’s home has also been made fully accessible by adding ramps to the front of the house and the back garden, enabling Elisha to be taken out the house with ease, and safely.

Elisha’s Mum details some of the issues facing Elisha and the need for the project to overcome these. “Elisha has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and so has no motor skills, so it means we have to do all of her personal care and lift her.

"She is now 8½ and getting heavy, so carrying her up and down the stairs was not safe and my back was beginning to feel the pressure. We had to lift her in and out of the bath, carry her upstairs and struggle with space at mealtimes due to her wheelchair.

“We have now raised our driveway and put in a block paving ramp that
goes to the kitchen door. The lift is located in the kitchen, which means all of Elisha’s facilities are contained in one area. Having the lift means we no longer have to carry Elisha up and down the stairs – saving our knees and

“Having a large wetroom with hoist, shower chair and changing bench also means we can wash and manoeuvre Elisha safely and with dignity.”

Elisha’s Mum continues “The adaptations
have made a huge difference. We have created a home for life for Elisha without the whole house being affected. When we first started looking at adapting our home the local council wanted to be very invasive and put the lift in the lounge and take a bedroom away for a wet room. We felt it would affect the family too much, so decided to go with our own plan.”

Elisha’s Mum explains the support provided by Sullivan’s Heroes throughout the fundraising and adaptations project. “When I first contacted Sullivan’s Heroes they were very prompt in phoning me and discussing the charity and the adaptations. It was comforting to know that others have been through the whole process and have come out the other side!

“They were there to give me ideas on how to fundraise and gave me a list of charities to contact. They also contacted some charities on my behalf and were successful in gaining grants for us. Sullivan’s Heroes were also very generous in giving us a grant towards the adaptations.”

The works were carried out in two separate phases – building on the existing garage and extending the downstairs first and widening doorways, before continuing with the upstairs bedroom and bathroom addition. This meant photos and news of the works were available as fundraising for the second phase continued. Elisha’s Mum kept the fundraising page updated with these photos and details of the work to date as the project got underway – encouraging additional funds to be received to the project from charities, public donations and events, ensuring that Phase 2 of the works could be completed

Elisha’s Mum concludes:

“Sullivan’s Heroes gave us a grant, contacted charities on our behalf, gave me a list of charities to contact and provided the fundraising page, ensuring we received all the funds.

“Sullivan’s Heroes are excellent and certainly give you peace of mind knowing that you are not alone in your venture! Thank you so much for all you've done.”

View Elisha’s Fundraising Project Page here.